About us

Preparations for Mevlana Exchange Programme started in 2012-2013 Academic Year. Related web site was prepared, and Mevlana Exchange Programme Protocols were begun to be signed with universities situated out of Europe. 11 protocols with 15 different countries have been signed since June, 2013. Mevlana Exchange Programme Coordinators were assigned in the university, and all the information regarding protocols and coordinators are available on the web site under the title of ‘Mevlana Exchange Programme’. 3 outgoing students, 6 academic staff, and also 1 incoming academic staff got benefitted from the programme in 2013-2014 Academic Year. It is estimated that 13 outgoing students, 8 incoming stutudents, 24 outgoing academic staff and 19 incoming academic staff will benefit from the programme in 2014-2015 Academic Year.

Last Update Date: 27 February 2015, Friday